KlickThru - A better way to monetize your site's traffic. Our ad units get a high click through rate CTR. PPC / CPC Advertising Platforms: At least 100% greater than 2011 Google standard conversion rates in all traffic volume levels tested to date!

First we engage and entertain the audience buy using rich-­‐media content such as Videos, Popular Headlines, Popular Products and Local Coupons. An engaged audience is in a better position to act on a Direct Advertising campaign. Our AdPad helps Advertisers do this while returning a higher CTR.


Your brand is not limited to just another Ad placed on a busy site. Our products attract and retain the consumers focus. We remove the clutter by placing targeted ads next to engaging content. IAB standards, such as a 300x250 banners, become the main focus. We also mix in other formats such as text ads that run across myriad entertaining content platforms.


Ensuring you are in front of the right audience is keystone to success. By placing contextual ads next to rich engaging content we ensure your campaign has the most valuable eyes. By narrowing the focus of your audience the AdPad helps your campaign have the largest possible consideration base.


AdPad users have now just watched a video related to your product, their preference has already been determined. So if the video was about hitting the perfect home run, then your Baseball Bat advertisement will already have them eager to find out more.


Our consumers become your consumers. We set up the shot; all you have to do is take it. The AdPad produces a high rate of Action minded consumers. The AdPad products can be found across many categories of sites. If a user were on a food site there might be a video on how to prepare the perfect Lasagna. Our funneling process and guidance system helps our advertisers reach wider audiences of consumers that may not have known they were interested in your product until we showed them the way.