KlickThru - A better way to monetize your site's traffic. Our ad units get a high click through rate CTR. PPC / CPC Advertising Platforms: At least 100% greater than 2011 Google standard conversion rates in all traffic volume levels tested to date!
Dimensions: Scales
Color: Light Gray
Content: Video, Local Deals, Headlines and Shopping...

What it is: The Media Toolbar is a footer based, browser scaling multi-media toolbar that engages your users with entertaining content. Our toolbar also help monetize your users buy placing advertisements that are always in view.

Why it works: By creating a toolbar that features visible advertisements and rich media content our toolbar is like no other toolbar available. The content slides up from the toolbar for a rich user experience all while maximizing audience monetization.

Key Features: We engage your users with a sleek, content rich toolbar filled with entertaining content such as Video, News from the Associated Press, Products, and the best Local Deals around.

Dimensions: Fixed
Color: White, Grey, Dark Grey
Content: Sponsored listings related to page

What it is: OfferNav is a prominent view Ad unit that gives your audience access to our best deals and offers of the day. Upon users' arrival to your site, the OfferNav launches and you automatically begin generating revenue.

Why it works: The OfferNav is shown to the right of your content catching the viewers eyes and leading to quicker engagement. OfferNav can also close down to a small Tab, to be reopened when the user chooses making for a no no nonsense ad unit.

Key Features: Featuring our best offers from top partners a clean simple design and the OfferNav can be minimized and re-opened using the tab. The OfferNav features a search box so the viewer can find those special offers of their choosing.

Dimensions: full screen on mobile device
Customizable: NO
Content: Local Deals, Headlines, Products

What it is: InfaCube is our 3D mobile phone Ad Unit that offers popular articles mixed with relevant textual ads. Users are intertwined and entertained with this functional, yet simple, 3D Cube that can be navigated by swiping their finger across the screen.

Why it works: InfaCube keeps it simple and engaging by giving the user a familiar mobile device feature. The cube gives the user 4 sides of rich content.

Key Features: InfaCube has 4 sides, with 2 sections for content/ads on each side. When the user chooses an article to read, a reader shows up with the full article.